Believe it or not, we are almost halfway through the blogging window for the Summer Reading Project.  As always, summer seems to be flying by!  I thought this might be a good time to briefly step back from the content of the book and revisit two of the project goals, included in your Reading Guide, as a way to begin to reflect and evaluate the merits of the project itself, especially now that many of you have finished the book and have started to participate in the discussions.  As some of you will find in my Critical Writing and Reading I sections this fall, it is kind of my thing to check in, so is everyone hydrated, is everyone awake, is everyone feeling comfortable enough to proceed, is everyone learning something?  Okay then, moving on, the two goals I would like to highlight in this reflection are #2 and #5.

From the Summer Reading Project Guide:

2.) Students are introduced to learning communities.

5.) Students learn how to communicate with faculty/staff/peers.

I certainly hope that Blink and your introduction to this first “learning community” have added to your overall summer experience so far, and of course helped to prepare you for the fall, but I would like to hear from you about connections you have made between the reading/project and your experiences (past, present, and projected future).  Have you felt comfortable sharing your ideas and questions with both faculty and other students?  Have there been any obstacles, concerns, or questions that have prevented you from participating?  Is there anything you have learned, not so much from the book directly, but from your participation in this project?  More specifically, is there anything you have learned from others participating?  To bring the book back into it, are there aspects of this book, in particular, that make it easier to share and develop conversations?