By now, you will have purchased a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking.

We ask you to read it by August 15th and to post to this blog at least twice before September 1st.

Here’s What Our Blog is About:
Starting on July 15th, our bloggers will be posting in response to the book–taking up the key terms and ideas of the chapters and offering some further considerations for you as readers.  We will also be posting:
  • Questions and quotes from the book to get you thinking more deeply about Gladwell’s key  ideas and how they apply to real life situations or the sorts of things writers do in college.
  • Thoughts about how to get you to take those ideas and apply them to your own life, the world around you, or the choices you must make as a new college student.
  • Suggestions on becoming a successful reader/writer/student in a college context.
  • Some models of the sort of (usually academic) writing you’ll be asked to produce when you begin writing for classes this fall.
  • A conversation.

Here’s What We’re Expecting:

  • You must read the WHOLE book. . . The intro,  chapters one through six, AND the conclusion.
  • You post your thoughts, responses, and ideas about the book’s core concepts and key terms–be prepared to post TWICE before Sept 1st.
  • You might even read and reply to your new classmates–a reply counts as a posting.
  • You may even post questions if you are having a hard time with the ideas in the book or with the blog.
  • A thoughtful conversation that has some meaning to you as a new student at UMD.
  • We ask you to follow typical “nettiquette” (no personal attacks or in appropriate topics/language).

You may e-mail me at any time with questions, thoughts, and/or concerns.